by Moogi   Jan 26, 2018

loving you has twisted my brain
wrung it out as if it was a dish towel
I watched as all of my hope rolled down my face and darkened my clothes

I saw the life leave my eyes
and I watched as my shell of a soul stumbled around every day making sure you were alright
I watched it crack

I watched myself follow you until my feet were worn down and I had to crawl
it's like we were on a busy highway and I watched myself get run over again and again
until I stopped
I was still
I turned off the lights, listened to the sounds, and I saw your shadow evaporate
I saw the darkness get lighter but still sat in the gray

I watched myself
glue and scissors in hand
cut out a different me
stitch in lost parts of my soul
throw away the old heart that still beats in sync with yours

I watched as the cracks were sealed and painted over

I saw the periods turn into semicolons
the subtraction symbols turn into exclamation points

I see my hand enveloped in my other
and I see you behind me


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