My best friend; My baby

by Beautiful Tragedy   Jan 30, 2018

You are my person.
There is nobody else that I would rather go on 2am seven eleven adventures with;
Or laugh at myself with when I’m being a total clutz because I’m too tired and everything seems to be in my way.
There is nobody else I would rather spend the night talking with about the most random topics anyone
could ever think of,
Nobody I’d rather text good morning every single morning at the same exact time because I love doing it and it feels so weird if I don’t.
There’s nobody else I’d rather
take random selfies with just because I can,
And absolutely nobody else’s face that I’d rather touch more than I would yours.
I considered you my best friend-
until I realized that I’m in love with you.
You’re still my best friend;
But you’re my baby, too.


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