John the Patriot

by Professor Leskinen   Jan 30, 2018

John was a proud and goodwilled man
He would always look through his bubble to make sure others weren't sad
He would see his reflection and try to become more handsome every day
He would train hard so he could protect what was his or his friends'

John eventually eventually looked at the reflection and saw a handsome face
He walked around and saw smiling faces
But monsters of an enemy land threatened that happiness
So John volunteered to protect everyone

John killed many monsters, some short, some tall, and picked up abandoned toys for the kids
He was even awarded with a medal!
One day, his squad was hit by an airstrike
John lost his friends, his legs, but it was something else that made him lose himself

When he woke up, his bubble had already popped, and he realized it all

He realized that his handsome face wasn't handsome, but a distortion of what the bubble would show
And that the smiling faces around him were never actually smiling
And that the abandoned toys he picked up weren't abandoned, still red with the blood of their previous owners
And that the monsters he shot were not monsters


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