Afraid of pain

by Professor Leskinen   Feb 3, 2018

I've always been walking away from obstacles, even if happiness was waiting over them
Because, what would happen if I failed to overcome them?
And so I'd let despair slowly eat me alive
Even so, I'd still dare to call me a seeker of joy

The cloudy thoughts in my head had me blinded
Caused by the failed efforts of the past
I seeked the core of my inner darkness alone
With only the most distant friends knowing of it

I had to see another with the same problem to realize it,
To feel the saddest deja vu as their thoughts and feelings matched mine
Would I advise them while still being in denial about it?
No. I'll become what they're hesitating to be, I'll act as the bright example

And so, my brave new self shall start anew
Because my mistake wasn't trying, but giving up
Because happiness cannot be achieved without a challenge
Because the reward we're seeking is by far higher than any form of pain caused by those efforts


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