No More

by C Cattaway   Feb 3, 2018

Why can't it just be simple?
One love, to last a life,
Yet time keeps making it so hard.
I would have been your wife.

But moments came, and I could not
Have stood up for myself.
And I did not have courage
To speak out, for what I felt.

Then life moved on, for both of us.
How sad it made me feel
To know you gave yourself to someone
When it wasn't real.

Yet you stuck by your choices
And responsibilities.
You gave your hopes and dreams to her,
And to her heart, your keys.

And even now, years after all
You went through came to pass,
When she's moved on, And so have you,
Your dedication lasts.

I know it's been too long, for us.
I never made you see
That even after everything,
You're still the one for me.

Now I do not see anything
That makes me want to try
To date anybody again,
When all I do is cry

At how I missed the opportunity
Time and again.
To keep you in my life means I
Can only be a friend.

If that's the best that it can be,
Then it will have to do.
But nobody will ever have my heart,
While it loves you.

Copyright C Cattaway 2018


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  • 1 year ago

    by Michael


    An endearing piece of writing from your heart. Sometimes the opportunity has gone, and can be for reasons o=in the end, however we live through all our experiences and hopefully learn. But never an easy task.
    Nice rhyming poem, well done
    Much love
    Michael :)x

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