by Tony   Feb 7, 2018

I've expressed my feelings in a
Couple hundred thousand words
Tear-stained crumpled pages
Scattered all around for her

She is the moon in my eyes
Keeping me awake at night
With vivid images of
Brown eyes reflecting candlelight

I imagine her dancing
Across a single spot-lighted stage
With stars in my eyes again
My pen glides across an empty page

I know that she's questioned it
Has thought about but couldn't see
That the man she's looking for
Just maybe one day might be me

Until that day comes to pass
I'm content to watch her turn
As she dances I will write
One hundred twelve more words for her


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ren

    Aww my gosh...rip me up inside why don't you. This is such a great write! Heartbreaking...but absolutely beautiful. Flawless rhyming...and your descriptions are gorgeous and would make any girl sorta tilt her head a bit and sigh. A stunning piece for a very special girl.

    Another amazing write and very much needs a (<3) love button.