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by Professor Leskinen   Feb 21, 2018

Mistaking my grasp for a quick breath for freedom
I stopped looking for the truth- it doesn't matter who I were
But soon I feel the rotting stench of death and evil
And realize I didn't change at all, that I still am

I search and search inside the darkness of my past
Accept the danger that may lie ahead and risk losing it all
To find myself through all the pain of what was left forgotten
And start again to help forgive myself for everything I've done

I used the little strength I had to see what lied before me
And I disowned the very pride that's always leading me astray
Unlocked the door, released the curse my despair cast upon me
And finally reclaim the thoughts I willingly had tucked away

I see the truth, my soul now calm, and take control of who I am
The fire inside no longer hurts but only shows me light
Done the first step towards my incarnation
After long years, I felt my torch finally reignite

I know one day I might return to this place
For fighting depression is like climbing a mountain- you might fall back to the start
But I am glad no matter what- even if I can't say "goodbye"
For I'm with those who reached the top and recovered their heart


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