Love Triangle: Parts 1-6

by Tony   Mar 8, 2018

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Part 1

My god she's so beautiful
The sparkle in her eyes...
My souls on fire with desire
Burning away my disguise

The way she dances 'round the room
With beauty and such grace
Brings enigmatic wonder
To this dull and dreary place

I have to make her mine
Before another stakes his claim
Already I see him approaching
Like this is just another game

With a rose in my right hand hand
And a poem in the other
I tell her of what I would give
Never found in another

"Take my hand and you will know
A love you can't live without
The passion I feel in my heart
Is the stuff novels are written about,"

Her eyes meet mine and I see
Desire hidden there
But all behind a solid wall-
A sad and doubting stare...


Part 2

I catch her eyes from across the room
For a moment all I see
Those beautiful eyes, she's on her knees,
Staring up at me

The way she works the room,
Moving from table to table
Speaks of how limber she is
And quite a bit more than able

Every eye is on her now
I have to make my play
Throw some game into the air
Let the chips fall where they may

''Do you know how hot you are?
Puedo enseñarte a amar
Do you like the way I roll my R's?
I can show you in the dark...

J'ai une langue magique
With many 'tongues' to make you sing
Let me show you how unique
I can tell you many things''

Shoved aside by a romantic sap
He cut right in between
Some competition thats ok
Definitely not unforseen

Walk to the bar, order a drink
Let this play out a bit
Mull the fire in my mouth
Wait for the right time to hit...


Part 3

One hand in hand
The other on waist
I take the lead
"Let me give you a taste"

Bachata at first
Left then right
"I'll keep you spinning
Throughout the night"

She follows my lead
Her face a-flush
And in her eyes
A glimmer of trust

Six count beat,
Salsa's next
Let the music
Take effect

Chest to Chest now
Her head on my shoulder
Everything I imagined
It would be to hold her...

Then it happened-
A cold shiver down my spine
To me, "Dude I'm sorry!"
To her, "Would you like some wine?"

He says,

"I'll keep her busy
While you freshen up
Take your time
And don't wait up..."


Part 4

"Now that I've got you to myself
I have a place not far from here
I'll draw a bath put music on
Togeather we can steam up the mirrors"

I lean in she doesn't pull back
I show her how to roll an R
When at last our lips do part
Those sexy eyes: two pools of stars

We grind a bit around the room
As the real music picks up
I feel Romeo's eyes burn my back
This guy just won't give up...

"How about it, you and me?
The night has just begun..."
She says 'We're on, but first...
Is there room for another one?'"

I just cannot believe my luck
"Tu veux dire Ménage à trois?"
She nods her head up then down
I spot a beauty and think "ooh la la!"

When I turn to ask her who
She's got Romeo by the arm
Mouth agape jaw on ground
"F- it, whats the harm?"


Part 5

My Juliet wants Mercutio
To join in our little tryst?
"Please monsieur, I must beg,
The Lady doth insist!"

In my car we three pile
Anticipation begins to grow
Juliet speak of promises
That we soon will come to know

Up the stairs a blur of thought
Cannot stop to breathe
Clothes hit the floor
Before we close the door
Passion to achieve...

Work our way to the shower
And she puts on a little show
Juliet fogged the mirror herself!
Her eyes begin to glow

Pressed between her lovers two...
Ecstasy unfurled
Three tongues at play ten fingers a piece
And all around they swirl...

When did the trio get to the bed?
Not one could take note
First two too preoccupied
Coating the third one's throat

This vixen at her carnal play
Courting so causally
Just could noy believe her luck
That her two had become three

As they lay completely spent
And the sun began to rise
She rolled on top of Romeo
For round two to his surprise...


Part 666

The succubus gazes lovingly
Down upon her prey
Poor little things all tuckered out
Exhausted from their play

Shadowy wings spout from her back
Eyes flash a ruby red
The smell of brimstone fills the room
As does a feeling of dread

"Awaken my darlings, rise and shine
We have much to discuss
I am so far from satisfied
Though last night was quite robust

That could be your every night
No need to remeniss
Relinquish control, give me your soul
And seal it with a kiss

Any woman you want is yours
You need only to smile and ask
Not a one will resist your charms
Are either of you up to the task?"

Again she set upon them
Her hunger so far from sated
The sound of ecstatic agony
From passion double bladed

Both men staring blanky
And then glossy eyed agreed
With a kiss a deal was struck
And again they did the deed

Intertwining hungrily
Bending to her will
Both make her gasp and moan
Surrendering to newfound skill

Ten years was the deal they struck
Then hell hounds would come to call
And drag them screaming down below
Like so many before them they would fall


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  • 9 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Absolutely brilliant Tony and well worth the read! The tale is right to be told over the 6 parts and weaves the intrigue perfectly. The flow with the rhyming is excellent and the content saucy and engaging with the brilliant twist of the '666' she-devil bringing the men to their knees and to their untimely ends. What a way to go though!
    Excellent! ;-) x

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