Time Is A Semicolon

by C Cattaway   Mar 9, 2018

Time tells us what we need to know,
But my watch has lost its seconds.
The clock up on the wall has stopped.
Yet still the waiting beckons.

Time slows, though doesn't seem to care
That life has lost its lustre.
I know I need to move along,
Though strength I cannot muster.

I gave examples of my thoughts
So that you'd understand.
You seemed to know what I'd implied,
And how I'd walked this land.

My heart knows what it feels, and I
Fear that my mind has gone.
My head can't truly comprehend
How this dragged on so long.

Time is an innocence that I
Can't truly explain, so
I wait for each new minute,
Where I let these feelings go.

These hours turned in to months, then years.
I've still not understood
How every little detail watched you
Walk away for good.

Time has no punctuation.
It's a moment, with a flaw.
I hope and pray that it will be you
Opening that door.

Copyright C Cattaway 2018


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  • 9 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Catherine this is brilliant! Sad but so well expressed through the concept of time and the pause of a semicolon.
    "Time has no punctuation.
    It's a moment, with a flaw."
    Fantastic lines! Great stuff! :-) x

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