Figure it out

by Beautiful Tragedy   Apr 8, 2018

Sinking into my chair I wipe the snot running from my nose onto the sleeve of my old t shirt.
I’ve had a very long day with disappointments waiting for me around every corner I’ve turned;
And quite frankly I’m feeling more drained than ever.
friends bailed on me and other friends excluded me;
I got yelled at and ignored and at the end of the night I was forced to make the fourty five minute walk home in the dark...
by myself.
The funny thing is I usually have a thing for staying inside by myself;
Not wanting to deal with the drama
and let downs that come with having friends but I chose to make an exception today-
And everyone I did it for failed me.
So here I am wiping the snot from my nose on the sleeve of my
old t shirt after I cried the
whole freezing walk home because I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with my life.
But you and I?
We are going to figure it out.


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