Doomed Youth

by Sive Klaas   Jun 19, 2018

In this civilized nation
golden are the days of the young people
who dwindle in dark days of fortune.
like a bairn,yet so agile, they nimble straight
to heaven.
In this country, where treasure swims with the streams,
and with disregard the youth perishes.

Though we should heed the warnings, yet,
we so ignorant. The streets,cars and humankind, so
savage that the young shrivels swiftly in the wrinkleness
of death.

In coffins, they come in numbers
like rain drops. So isolated, yet somewhere,they
They speak of tongues, but not of human nature.
It is fortune that matters between the dead and the living.
yet,no one is free.

But, how can i write of fortune if,
I am not certain?


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  • 6 months ago


    Hey Sive Klaas, there is much suffering in Africa that I read of, especially upon the Christians, as I am also. Salvation is not in Religion but in a person, Jesus Christ. He had much distain upon the rich and self-righteous, but loved the poor and downtrodden.
    He still calls today; Come unto me, all who are downtrodden and heavy laden, and I, will give you rest. He is able to deliver from death, but, if death does arrive, to Heaven they go. Like the high tides that lift all boats, God's Hope lifts HIS people! Great write, God bless!

    • 4 months ago

      by Sive Klaas

      Hi Crafty Ken. I am sorry for this late reply. i just want to take this moment and say Thank you.

      People who trust and believe in God, they do not want to think critically about other issues beyond the religion. They say, their religion has got all the answer. Hence, the sufferings.