It Was Blank

by C Cattaway   Jul 20, 2018

I bought a card for us, today,
Still blank, for words my own.
It's in the drawer where it was left,
When I first brought it home.

I didn't see the point of it,
Once I realised I knew
Already, that you wouldn't think
A year was such great news.

I didn't take the card or envelope
Out from its wrapper.
I didn't think you'd like it,
As today doesn't even matter.

The words stopped coming to my head.
Just sadness filled my thoughts.
The card became a vagrant
Almost the moment it was bought.

It sits inside the drawer, incase
Another year should come,
That someone else could use it,
So it's not a wasted one.

The strips I bought, I've binned them.
And the lipstick which you laughed at
Has also got no purpose, so is now
In the waste paper basket.

You said I had no common sense?
Well dare I say nor you?
But no, we'll sleep as you don't see
The hurt I'm going through.

Sweet dreams. I'd rather tell you
To your face, than write words here,
Yet this is all I'm left with,
As I celebrate our year.

Happy anniversary!

Copyright C Cattaway 2018


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  • 10 months ago

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    How dysfunctional! Yet still, I envy that dysfunction.

    Wonderful job,

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