Lucked Luck

by Muhammad Amiruddeen   Oct 11, 2018


Lady Luck! Lady luck! here I come,

I pray you place your gaze upon me and hold my flame,

Lady Luck, Lady Luck be with me,

For you are my Muse so don't cut me loose,

At your feet I shall serve and cast my glance,

All I ask is for you to give me a kiss,

A kiss of luck to shine my way,

And a chance to hold the keys to your heart and our house,

With you I want to say the grace,

My eyes creasing in smile every night before you sleep,

Last I do is to behold your bright face while laying on our golden fleece,

For your heart I shall win the race,

To the alter we go with You in that fancy white dress,

Embroidered with gold and fine lace,

Standing beside you on your left side is me looking clean and nice,

Wearing a beautiful smile and a suit waiting for time to fly.

To the point for me to say I do with all my might,

Then I shall say and hold my vows to the edge of time,

Lady luck! the lady of my dreams you are my luck.

Time has come to lock you up in Wedluck,

Epic of its kind so it would be I must say,

And the keys to the lock will be cast far away,

Far and wide the trumpets will blow heralding the bliss.

On that faithful night the bed will be a nuptial mess.


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