"just wake up on time"

by Em (marmite)   Oct 19, 2018

Buzz goes the alarm
you've had little to no sleep
insomniacs fave...

© Em


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  • 7 months ago

    by Jamie

    I love how the title is in quotes because it tells me that this person is speaking to themselves and I feel like it could be a motivational tactic. I also enjoyed this poem because it took me back to when I was a teenager and young adult when I couldn't sleep at all and I just kept looking at my alarm clock or my phone when I did get one, just to see what time it was and how many minutes or possibly hours I had left to try and get at least a little sleep.

    With the first line I am pretty sure most people can hear the annoying buzz of an alarm clock or even a phone, but when I think of buzz I think of an alarm clock because of the annoying sound it makes, that makes you want to throw it across the room. or maybe that was just me.

    Again I say I understand this feeling so well because there were times where I didn't sleep at all, and when I didn't I just kept overthinking about everything. without reading the last line my mind instantly goes there, as to why you couldn't sleep, perhaps thoughts have consumed you so much that sleep was second place to them.

    Insomnia is indeed an awful thing because I think people underestimate how important sleep is in life, lack of sleep can cause so many issues, especially mentally. but as you have told the story this person has insomnia, and wakes up early every morning or doesn't sleep at all. I always hated waking up before the alarm went off.

    I like the sarcastic nature of the ending as well, you put a little spin on it which I enjoyed. well written story.

  • 7 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    I love waking up just on time to. There's nothing worse than waking up hours before you need to, not being able to sleep until just before you need to wake up. Then you over sleep! Damn! X

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