by Imperfection   Mar 13, 2019

You drive me crazy
You drive me insane
I’m constantly thinking bout you
I can’t seem to get you of my brain
You make me mad sometimes
You make me sad sometimes
You make me happy
And make me feel something other than pain
Yet things are so hard at times
We keep making the wrong choices
I question things all the time
And wonder if your doing the same
I love you so much it hurts
I love you so much I run
I think you do the same
But I don’t know really
I miss your smile I miss your eyes
I miss when you find something really strange but it fascinates you cuz you like how it sounds or feels
I miss your voice how sexy you sound
I miss your touch
And when you held me at night
I even miss your attitude
When you have to be right
I miss being with you and hearing bout ur day
How self prone you are at hurting urself
Or making messes in the kitchen
I miss your laugh how unique it is
But most of all I miss you
But I lost you again...
Maybe we are just not meant to be
Maybe we are just two different ppl
But it doesn’t stop how I feel
It’s doesn’t stop me loving you.
I don’t know the future
And what it holds
But even though we aren’t together
I hope we are still part of each other
I really do love you and they aren’t just words like people say I mean them in every way.


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