The Trade

by Jack David   Apr 15, 2019

The Trade

So off I go…
Through the forests and streams to the market below.
The journeys long and is often tread
By traders with a dream in their heart and a plan in their head.
Students and workers make the trip alike
Weeks of planning in preparation for the hike.

But how many weeks can prepare me for the trade that I’m to make?
How many weeks can prepare me for what could be a big mistake?
Nevertheless I plunge ahead with great haste,
Refusing to let these coming years go to waste.

I reach the market, and take my place in line
With planning, hoping and dreaming to pass the time.
My turn comes and my order placed,
now it's just the trade to make.

Soundless nights for never-ending lights,
Daytime spliffs for long hour shifts,
A puppy’s kiss for all those i’ll miss,
And all else above;
A mothers affection for a brothers love.


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