Another Step

by C Cattaway   May 21, 2006

You made me feel so whole again,
Like I deserved much more.
You left me feeling quite desired,
Filled with a quaint amour.

You kept me seeing I was someone.
Made me feel alive.
You stopped me wilting all alone.
You showed me how to thrive.

You helped me see another life.
You told me of a way
That I could be just so much more
Than nothing everyday.

You made me want to try some more.
You gave me needs to fill.
You brought me to the heighth of love,
Yet held me quiet, still.

You told me things, and gave your trust,
And I returned your need.
You made me hunger for your touch,
Taught ways to make me feed.

You helped me through a trying time,
And you are still my friend.
For loving you is not a choice.
Our bond can have no end.

Another step within this life,
A journey on the path
That you have shown me how to walk.
I know now, how to laugh.

So, thankyou for your energy.
Thank you for showing me
Just how I could become someone,
And how I'll always be.

© C. Cattaway 2006


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