Can You Let Me Go?

by C Cattaway   May 30, 2006

I didn't see it coming fast,
Though, knew it had to come.
I've always known the truth, that I
Am not the only one.

I thought that we still had some time.
I wanted you so much.
I simply needed to believe
I had you in my clutch.

I don't know what is right, right now.
I know we mustn't speak.
I know you need a lot of time,
A day? A month? A week?

I know decisions must be made,
But don't make the wrong one?
Don't stay within a loveless bog
Just, simply, for your son.

Decisions are not easy, and
I know that you agree,
But make sure that you know you can't
Choose between her and me.

Make sure you know that what to look
At is if you can work.
Decide if you can see a life
That's with or without her.

At no point wonder about us,
If we can have a chance,
For I'm not in the equation,
Can your marriage be enhanced?

I'll be around the corner, your life
Isn't just for her.
If you can make it truly right,
Your judgment shouldn't blur.

It doesn't make a difference
To how I feel for you.
It will not take away the hurt,
But if it's right, you'll do.

And I will walk away from you,
And you will have the space.
But if you cannot see it work,
My arms will hold your face,

And I will tell you what we have
Is worth giving a go,
But you have to decide, my sweet.
Can you ever let me go?

© C. Cattaway 2006


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