Suicide Letters (1-4)

by IdTakeABulletForYou   Oct 17, 2006

Part 1:

I don’t wanna live
I just wanna die
Please mom and dad
Please don’t cry

I just wanna say
All my goodbyes
Because very soon
I will die

Please don’t be hurt
By my suicide
I hope it won’t hurt
You special parental pride

I know you love me
But life is way too tough
It’s like breaking a leg
But with life there is no crutch

I know it will take
A long time to heal
But I just cannot take
This pain that I feel

I hope that I
Won’t go to hell
But you needn’t worry
I will do well

I will probably say
My last goodbyes
But nobody will be suspicious
That I will die

I will miss you all
Please don’t ask why
I hope you will remember
And I hope you will cry


Part 2:

i look at the sun
i look at the rain
the sights go right through me
just like the pain

i am tired of life
i don't wanna live
people expect a lot
much more than i can give

i am tired of crying
crying myself to sleep
i am tired of being tired
'specially with this pain that i keep

i can't take a step
it's too hard to move on
i will die too soon to stop
soon i'll be gone

everyday i look forward
to nothing at all
while people live their lives
i don't live at all

many people hate me
it won't do me good
what's worth living in a life when no one is there
or when i'm just misunderstood

i continue on cutting
i am cutting my wrist
for i am the only name
on my own hit list

i hope that you miss me
i bid you goodbye
please don't forget me
and please just don't cry


Part 3:

I just don't want to live
i'm sorry but i've got nothing left to give
i just can't go on like this anymore
so i'm shutting my eyes and closing the door

the pressure on me is starting to get high
down to the point that i'm afraid i'll break down and cry
i'm sorry right now that i am so weak
i'm trying so hard, but my soul's got a leak

i am on a timer, and time's getting short
i am writing this now so the truth will not hurt
i love you so much, but you don't love me
maybe if you were nicer things would've turned out differently

everything's jumbled, i'm a puzzle on my own
what's the sense of living life when i am all alone
all i asked for was a partner, just one simple true friend
my wish was not granted therefore my life must end

i don't like being lonely, i don't like crying at night
i hate people ignoring me, then they see me cry and ask if i'm alright
No! i am not alright, but why should you care
only when i'm hurt does someone come near

i'm sorry, so sorry, that i soon will die
just one simple whim: that no one will cry
i don't want to know that i caused you this pain
so just step outside and cry in the rain

you won't sense occurance, you won't see it take place
but soon enough it will be death i will face
it must be nice knowing my last words were goodbye
maybe knowing that you just will not cry

i am so unwanted... so un-needed here on earth
from the moment of death since my moment of birth
i caused unnecessary pain, my life was a waste
my life's given so many people such a bittersweet taste

so take some advice from a suicidal kid
for these may be the last words i ever may bid
do not lie to your friends or to yourself at all
or i will make sure in heaven i'm watching you fall

i have now warned you, so there you go
wrong choices in life will soon take it's toll
impossible perfect, so just try to be "right"
for these are the last words i bid on my very last night

P.4 {My Final Farewell}

i've gone so far
but done no good
tell me howi ever could
i've got to leave
i can't stay here
i cannot last another year

i tried so hard and yet i failed
i have the money but there is no bail
i'm falling faster than ever before
so i'm not living anymore

i've never gotten my respect
people on earth are so full of hate
i am not strong, what'd you expect
this pain i feel's too much to take

i'm gonna end my life today
i'm not specifying my chosen way
i'm just here to inform you it will take place
and that my existance will be erased

the people around here are way too cruel
they treated me as if i were a fool
it kills me now deep down inside
and it will be why i must die

i'm sorry that i have to go
i'm in more pain than you could know
you've no idea what i've gone through
all of the things i don't tell you

it all is so painful
all that i feel
it is too unrealistic
yet it must be real

i won't live much longer if i don't end this now
i have got to end this all somehow
this is my goodbye, i beg you won't cry
on top of my bed is where i shall lie

i stare at the ceiling and accept my fate
it won't be too long if i die at this rate
i'm saying goodbye, my final farewell
for this is the last story i shall ever tell...


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  • 10 years ago

    by Jelz;; Oh,KillMeFast

    OMFG ..!!!
    I've read about 3 poems so far ..!! i can't wait to read all .. which might take a while lol ... anyway I LOVE YOUR WRITING .. theres so much to get throught .. and i can related to most of it ..!!! Well ,, of to read more .. please return the fava .. lol .. thanks .. KEEP IT UP