After manic

by Cattiebrie   Mar 7, 2007

Have you felt so lost and alone,
all is wrong and nothing is right,
impending doom.
Have you felt everything you touch turn to rancid feces,
the foulest stench lingering,
clinging to each fiber of your being.
Self indentity,
a most evil creature tagging along,
your closest friend,
ensuring that everything does go morbidly wrong.
Living dying every minute of every day,
no absolution or respite.
Do you live in a world of lies and chaos,
have you been forgotten by God?
Do you wake each day to walking nightmares,
begging for the isolation that sleep brought.
Have you tasted defeat?
feasted at the empty table of despair?
Can you visualize the hollow barren shell,
meant to cradle a soul.
Can you feel anything
other than powerless,
worthless, and violated?
Spiralling downward
into an obliterating shadow of nothing
and not really caring.
Lacking energy,
the will,
the desire to improve.
Do you know it will never get better?
you deserve everything you get,
evil, horrid, beastly creature
not even worthy of the title human being.


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