Get over your issues

by Valiantpenguin   Sep 3, 2007

Shes so sweet and kind
Never mean at all
She couldn't hurt a soul
She'd never think of such a thing

My grandma is this person
Sweet as apple pie
So sweet it makes me sick
But i love her

My stupid ignorant father
I don't know whats wrong with him
He stopped talking to her
And tried to make me do the same

He doesn't see how much it hurts
Or how she's been there from the start
Even when he wasn't
How could he think I'd let her go?

Doesn't he see
That she was there for me
When he couldn't even call?
Or write a simple note?

She was there for my graduations
For all the school plays i had
She was there for everything
She's so perfect

Even my grandfather
Is there for me everyday
They call just to say hi
Even on a warm sunny day

They cared for me when he didn't
They sang to me at night
They showed all the love they felt for me
We've never had a fight

I love my grandmother dearly
And I love my dad in a way
But I wish he would get over his issues
So we can be a happy family again

probably not very good....I'm at my grandma's house and we were talking about my dad and it got me I wrote this.....I know it sucks but its how i feel about it....


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  • 10 years ago

    by Invited

    I love the way you express your emotion to each memner of the family- good work... not bad all-3/5, you have my vote!

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