by Gness   Nov 28, 2007

I can't breathe without a protective helmet on.
I cant see where the rocketeers will end beyond dawn.
They are everybody's Saviour's even though light years away.
Always there to pray to always there to requiem the day.
I hope it will always last without the black hole that suck us in.
We are all the fuel in their starlit boostality that never seems to run out.
They always explore the universe without a doubt.
Never make an escaping attempt they always return to our souls.
Even if the landing is rough or climbing out with nothing to support them but a wheelchair.
They will stay with you because you stayed with them.
They bring the stars to the world for everyone to see.
Only a dot on the galaxy where light and wind is a divided into hollowed air.
Keep your stars close and always add fuel to the fire.

rocketeers - symbolizes angels
black hole - dark power in hell


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  • 9 years ago

    by StandStill

    I like the symbolism, and i actually got it before you told me! great job!

  • Hey!! u' really know how2express well...well keep up wid d good work...bez wishz4furthr'..
    chek out mynz; n comment or vote if u feel2..