About Vix

Anything I submitted on here is
kiddies' play, but it's there for anyone who cares to read it.

I'm a published poet and flash fiction writer, sponsored post-grad student, charity fundraiser, existentialist, vegetarian, libertarian and general anomic. I'm finishing up a novel at the moment and currently write from a garret in south London.

This site is a fantastic
place for young writers, and anyone
seeking advice is welcome to
message me.


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Latest Poems By Vix

  • Those eyes took light from the stars
    and you can see behind the pupils (Neptune and...

  • Two hours late he was, no apologetic tone to show,
    instead he wound the mike-lead about his neck...

  • There he sits those sultry dark eyes,
    Distaste upon his face, slouching defiantly...

  • He sat last night staring out toward the stars,
    Perched neatly and postured on his bed...

  • Hope (27)

    The girl in the window she was waiting for you
    Hanging on your words hoping they'd pull her...

Latest Quotes By Vix

  • Hate and bitterness breed like disease, but empathy and forgiveness are achieved like good health -through hard work.

    Written by V.Smith 2008©

    9 years ago
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  • A mind open to the ideas that society disallows needs not fight reality, but has already slipped its shackles.

    Written by V.Smith 2006©

    11 years ago
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  • Please don’t make me live, but please don’t let me die.

    (Mental illness can be a very ambivalent business)

    Written by V.Smith 1999©

    11 years ago
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