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Life can sometimes be hectic. I have found that writing brings me pleasure. I have been writing for years and never shared very many of them with anyone until I ran across this web site. What is the point in writing if you don't share it. It doesn't really matter if my poetry is good as long as it brings me joy and happiness. My writing is inspired by life and although some of it is very dark none of it is autobiographical and all of it is fiction and should not be taken as anything other than my artistic way of expressing things both real and unreal.

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  • Age : 56
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  • Country : USA, Tennessee
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  • I once loved a woman who was more beautiful than...
    She had a body that just wanted to be held...

  • Too many times, I am just a chair in the corner
    Most people don't notice me...

  • Life, I stare at it in the mirror some days
    Wondering why I bother to go on...

  • Alarming (3) 3

    Each morning I am awakened
    By the sound of an alarm set on "Misery...

  • Love, I found it once
    With a sweet little woman...

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  • Society's problems are a direct result of the unnatural, unethical, non-Biblical, illegal and immoral things it is willing to put up with at any given time.

    1 year ago
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  • Old, who can grow old when love is replenished every day?

    3 years ago
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  • You can only chase something so long before you have to stop and catch your breath. By then you don't want it anymore.

    3 years ago
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