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I'm deploying again soon, 9 months in Afghanistan. Honestly I'm looking forward to it. It's the only part of my life that makes sense anymore. Can't put up an exact date but I'll be back around January. Or not.

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  • Twas the night before Christmas and all through...
    The soldiers were all feasting on corn on the cob...

  • Please Imagine if you will
    You're down to your last match...

  • How can I reach out to you
    When I'm not the man you met...

  • I have spent nearly three decades
    Making myself smaller...

  • Ill Mind (1) 2

    I'm not insane, just angry and I show it
    A torrent of pain, a flood and I can't slow it...

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  • Awesome thing my drill sergeant said,

    "Prior planning prevents piss poor performance private!"

    5 months ago
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  • When you predict failure, you plan for it.

    5 months ago
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  • Strength isn't success, if getting there was easy; its continuing in spite of failure. The ones who fight the tide, beat the undertoe, and make it to where their treasure is burried are the strong ones. Its not over there, they still have to dig.

    6 months ago
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