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  • "To my unborn child…
    To my unborn child
    In case I don’t make it
    Just remember, Daddy loves you"

    quote taken from a intro to a song,
    by 2Pac aka Makaveli

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  • Your mind is a canvas. Paint it with positivity.

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  • Crossed the same mountains in an endless loop. My heart can't take another walk down hills fate...

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  • "Never try"

    "Trying is the beginning of failure"

    Hommer Simpson.

    Funny as fook

    But always try, if you don't you will never know

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  • Some people act as an anchor in your life.
    They will keep you steady or pull you under.

    Get rid of them!

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  • Happiness from the fulfillment of induced desires can only be temporary.

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  • Fiction is nothing but non-fiction couched to conceal the identity of the writer.

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  • Love is best expressed through body language.

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  • Sometimes I’ve got it all figured out... until I don’t.

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  • We once were what we may never be again.

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