Estranged Child

by Expressivechild

Should have jump out of the window after all..
Should have answered, when the devil called..
Shouldn't have been the fool, to take the fall..

Could merely hallucinate in the lonely night..
Could only wonder, if hope will ever be in sight..
Could not find love, even in the truthful light..

No one did, no one tried to save my lonely life..
No one there, to provide me the will to survive..
Nothing else I could hope for, to keep me alive..

Nobody sees, my heart is bleeding incessantly..
Nobody knows my life revolves meaninglessly..
No God to believe, and no savior to salvage me..

There is nothing left to lose, for I have nothing..
There is nothing left, for I have lost everything..
This is the end of it, no love songs left to sing..

Never had a chance to stand tall, or feel proud..
Never learned to be wise, stand out in a crowd..
No one to save me, even if I scream it out loud..

Its over now, I guess there is no way out of this..
Its done for, I guess, I will never find true bliss..
It is the end, I know; I'll never live to be kissed..


Submission date : 2008-06-21
Last edit : 2008-06-21

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