Woud you like to hear a secret.

by Belle

Would you like to hear a secret,
Something I'll bet you never knew,
A secret deep inside me,
I've been hiding it from you.

Do you see this smile,
So huge upon my face,
My eyes are big and sparkling,
Everything seems in its place.

I'll bet you didn't know,
As I close my bedroom door,
There's something I've been hiding,
I let out as I fall to the floor.

You can't hear my silent sobs,
Or see the cuts I make,
You don't know the things I do,
When I don't have to be fake.

The secret I've been hiding,
The one that I hide best,
I never wanted you to worry,
Mother, I'm horribly depressed.


Submission date : 2008-07-18

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Latest comments

Ssenevol ( F P C D ) at 2015-07-21

Ha I should have copy-pasted this and sent it. To my mother with some black roses dipped in blood haha. Thank you for writing the words I've been wishing I could say

Mr Darcy ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-07

Hello Belle,

This poem tells of similar pain to your most recent one. The saddest part is this pain remains all these years on.

Bless you.

Take care,


Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-07

Belle, this is truly sad, emotional yet beautifully written.
I have to admit I'm in the same boat most nights when nobody can hear or see my tears that's when they come out though have never cut I've been close to giving up everything because the pains been unbearable but I personally feel that suicide only passes the pain to others.
If you ever need to chat, my inbox is open.

anand singh ( F C ) at 2016-11-08

Wow. You have captured this dreadful disease called depression so well. It has it's way of hiding deep in the mind that only it's carrier sometimes knew what it's like. Sad but true. Beautifully penned.

Jessica ( F P C ) at 2016-12-24

So sad and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing!

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