by Braltify

I feel depressed, I have been suppressed
I feel like crying
And they are trying
To hurt me more
Alas! For me there is no shore
I am like a boat
Who's being shot at?
I have no hope
I have no love

I'm a soul
Who's been fouled?
My heart ripped
Like a zip, zipped, I needed some one
But I have got no one

I have gone mad
I now I am sad
I am the soul
Who is depressed?
And has been suppressed
I need love
Not a shore
So come and help me
Get back without a yelp.
To my hope
My future
My lover
Who's there no more?
So help me
Be merry
Be happy
Once more
I am sad soul
Whose been fouled
I need some one
But still have no one


Submission date : 2008-09-26

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LAYD33 D3SiR3 ( C ) at 2008-09-26

I had a bit of trouble understandin some of your metaphors. but dont let that discorage you this poem was reaali good... next time add more depth to it ......(9/10)..........