I dont want to!

by My Name Is Mouse

I dont want to sit here by myself,
I dont want to laugh anymore,
I dont want to smile when i dont want to smile,
I dont want to walk anymore,
I dont want to cry,
I dont want to live this life,
I dont want to hate myself any longer,
I dont want to hide my feelings,
I dont want to be popular one minute and lonely the next,
I dont want mum and dad to know i'm depressed,
I dont want to wake up,
I dont want to go to school tomorrow,
I dont want to stay awake just because i can,
I dont want to hurt myself so much anymore,
I dont want to bite my arms and leave no marks,
I dont want to cry anymore,
I dont want to live,
I dont want to be hated and ditched school just because i'm crazy,
I dont want to fall in love again.

I want to be happy,
I want to make people happy,
I want to get a smile when people see me who i ahvent seen for ages,
I want to be brave,
I want to stop hurting myself,
I want to be loved,
I want to be missed,
I want to be felt,
I want to move somewhere,
I want to be felt,
I want to be hugged and kissed right now,
I want to write the best poems and make up the best quotes,
I want to be perfect,
I want to take my life,
And i really really want to die right now.

* dont tell me it doesnt rhyme, i obviously know that. I wrote this because i wanted to. I wrote this because i needed to. I wrote this because i mean every letter and word and i wrote this because people ask why i dont ask for things, the answer is i do!! i want to die and want to be happy again.*


Submission date : 2009-03-14

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Latest comments

CrossCut ( F P C D ) at 2009-03-15

This was written very strongly and clearly from your heart. Great job! I think most people, including me, have reached a point like this. I know I can relate to parts of this poem in my own way. Keep it up =] 5/5