Train tracks

by SA

His smile can light up a room
His laughter puts a smile on your face
He is talking now
He doesn't know he doesn't have you yet
How do you tell a child what his mother has done?
He loves trains
He loves food
He licks the top of cookies and then puts them back on the tray
He is a big bundle of joy
He has your intelligence
He has your creativeness

You are not here
You cannot see his smile
You cannot hear his laughter or words
You will never see him play with trains
You will never see him stuff his mouth
You will never be able to tell him "no" when he is going for his fifth cookie
You can never feel his hugs or his kisses
You can never hold him when he cries

All of those things were meant for you to do
Not me
Not your mom
Not your brothers
But we have to because you needed to end your pain
What about ours?
What about your sons?

Life is like train tracks
Never ending
Although you are not here with us
We will always have pieces of you left


Submission date : 2013-04-05
Last edit : 2013-04-05

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Treehugger ( F C ) at 2013-04-19

This is a great poem. I love this sadness of it and the last stanza was epic/ 5/5

CathyButterflyJC ( F P C D ) at 2013-04-19

I love the title, something about train tracks that I completely adore, I'm old fashion. This is so powerfully writte, remarkable poem, I lved every part of it, fantastic poem!!!!! Two thumbs up I LOVE THIS POEM