The Death Of My Mother

by Noziyna

Yesterday as I stood by the grave
My lips moving in a silent prayer
With my heart drowned
My soul wrecked by uncontrollable grief
And every nerve of my body
Mourning the loss of my other half.

Late last night and the night before
I broke drowned and cried
And every tear of my sparkle
Like a diamond.

Some days ago she was alive
And here she lay dead
Weeping brittle I asked
Oh my lord what is life and what is dead?
Only a beat only a breath!

I had said that I would be brave
Not a tear would I shed
But then I could not hold
On my uncontrollable grief
And every string of my body broke down
I looked at the sky through watery eyes
And the shower of tears I wished to hide

I do not say life does notâ??t end
But she, she was something special
Because I thought that god ccould not??t send
So often a person with such love & care
So I refuse to accept the truth
That people like her can die
As life with her was so much good
That I suspect it all a lie

For three nights
I cried as if the world
Had drowned
But the day still came
And life bustled on
The birds still sang and
Time moved on

I looked at the dusk
And waited,
Waited that sun would shine on my Utopia
And I thought of a girl of a happy one
I may be a fool to dream such pleasures

She is not in the world
but she is alive in my heart
I thank her for the meaning
she gave to my life and
her words shall always echo
to help me on as I remember her

Walking on the path covered by autumn leaves
I shut my eyes with uncontrollable grief and
shed tears on the loss of someone
Who was everything in a way to me


Submission date : 2005-09-17

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passion ( P ) at 2005-09-28

I really liked means something....loved it....thanx for voting for mine hope you vote for somemore!!..TTYL

ILL ALWAYS LOVE U LATISHA ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-08

Gah... that was sad... im sry...

† Lost.In.A.Broken.Soul. † at 2005-11-15

Wow.. i really like this its so sad! 5/5

◊•°ﮜңдй°•◊ ( F P C D ) at 2006-02-23

WOw dats excellent, thnx for my comment n keep it up, yuh poem is great!!