Street Soldiers [Collab With Doug]

by Melpomene

=This poem is a Collab with Dead Soul
Aka Shadow Stalker, hope you like=

Dancing with death on it's own burial site
Each step closer just another bloodied fight
As bullets spray raining murder today
Look at a soul who's been set free,
Once lost to the deceit in darknesses eyes
Life Consumes anger while driven by greed
Survival was a must but never guaranteed.

Enough is enough, still forever I pray
All for the street soldiers now blown away,
The lives taken at a click of the fingers
Striking fear into all who opposes
Life be a battle not full of roses,
Kill or be killed just brace for the ride
Being a man, step up and choose a side.

War waged with rival turfs and
Gangland shootings with premature births
It's a ghetto life we fight to survive,
Respect is power that never comes free.
Earned through drugs and the murder of souls
The choice of life has death in it's hands
Yet the decision is yours, where do you stand?

Trapped in hell with no where to turn
Keeping their place they must now learn,
killing and torturing of lives at night
It's do or die they must get it right,
Hearts turned to stone no longer do they feel
Blood from open wounds is an everyday sight
Still they go on yet Still they fight.

Like animals stalking they hunt there prey
God forgive the souls of lives gone a stray,
Bandannas stained with the blood of the innocent
Murder or defense no one knows how it begun
For another mother has buried her son,
The endless battle they fight against each other
Has just resulted in the burying of my own brother.


Submission date : 2007-04-20
Last edit : 2007-11-26

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Rating : 4.9

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Latest comments

Marian ( F P C D ) at 2007-06-16

Excellent poem, as always, m'dear. I adored how it flowed rather effortlessly in my tongue. How did you two do it? I'm having an occupational jealousy over that... Lol, just kidding! (^^,) Back to the poem, the theme was presented well and the progression was amazingly done. An outstanding piece, nonetheless. I loved it! Well done, both of you! =]

Debbie Cakes

Sydney ( F C D ) at 2007-06-25

Bravo. This piece is excellent. It really gave me a picture in my mind and it really kept my attention. Your choice of words were flawless and brilliant as well. Really nice job : )

Fsams ( F P C D ) at 2007-07-12

Great collaboration, two talents combined and put in one piece, what to say except it is flawless in all the sense :)

DarkSpirit ( F C D ) at 2007-09-06

It is very interesting. You put a lot of emotions in this piece, but I don't like the last line, it doesn't fit and it destroys the flow, but the rest of this poem is great. You described battle of and for life on very good way, I also like the rhythm of this piece it is very powerful. Well done! This one deserves 5/5

NyellMoonlight ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-07

Powerful... that's the only word that's coming to the mind at the moment...
Great piece, you two did equally good job on this. I like the topic, it is very interesting and original.

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