Christmas Time At The Wilsons

by Tara Kay

Festive cheer surrounds the town once again,
two weeks till Christmas, and the manic begins,
every shop, another tune is on repeat,
people searching the supermarkets for a joint of meat.

Santa's grotto queuing for miles,
many children wearing happy smiles,
the hustle and bustle as all prepare
to welcome the family for another year.

Christmas day and presents under the tree,
socks for Daddy and a jumper for me,
then when all is done and the cookers is on,
it's time for some singing of a Christmas song.

Dinner is served, the table is full,
A turkey and trimmings piled up high,
pigs in blankets and yucky sprouts,
lots of noise as everyone shouts,
"Pass me the gravy, Granny watch out!"

Once all is consumed and everyone done,
it's time for fun,
the crackers are pulled and the jokes are read,
Susie laughs as the hats go on,
Everyone is waiting for Uncle John.

As the plates cleared away and out comes desert,
My brother Luke says with a burp
"Another slice of cake shouldn't hurt",
Then it's time for a rest,
Though the children protest.

As the afternoon descends to evening,
We wonder if Daddy's breathing,
For nearly an hour he has been asleep,
I think he'll be sleeping for at least another week.

Tea time comes and more to be eaten,
Although he was hungry, even Georgie is beaten,
It's time to close until next week when new year comes,
But for now we're all saying goodbye with larger tums.

© Tara-Kay Randall 12.12.11


Submission date : 2011-12-12

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Latest comments

Everlasting ( F C D ) at 2011-12-12

Yeah, I love christmas.
The yummy food, the atmostphere, the chilly weather, everything. Good piece.

Lebanese Phoenix ( F C D ) at 2011-12-13

LOL Tara.... bahahhahahahhahahahahhahaha

You left me in joyful tears at the end, and oh my god, it's the first time, I think I read a rhyming poem from you?? Anyway, it's how do they say it? OFF-THE-CHAIN :)

Here's the spirit of you that I know!! The spirit of holidays. Today when I was coming back home, I saw all the ads on the streets because of Holiday sales, foods... and other Christmas stuff. We do not celebrate Christmas, us Moslims, but when i was in an Evangelical school, I used to be in the Christmas chorus, and GOD, it was heaps of fun........ XD XD

It was like a typical scenery, I see in Christmas movies of the family gathering around the table with the decoartions and a big spirit. Girl, you really knew how to give your words the groove needed to entice the readers. It was like a song, I swear it can be a song!!!! I laughed vociferously on being stuffed with food. I hope you enjoy your time Tara.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
This is going into my favorites!!!:)

Michael D Nalley ( F P C D ) at 2011-12-22

Wonderful imagery with a great rhyme scheme The personal touches made it seem so real