Free Comment Thread

  • hiraeth
    2 months ago

    Post one poem per request, and you can post two requests consecutively, just to give a chance to others to request (and to give me a break too :p).

    Request away!

  • mossgirl19 replied to hiraeth
    2 months ago, updated 2 months ago

    Hey, Mark. I just found out about this thread... nice!

    Trying to explore more subjects in my writing, I wrote a piece that can be properly classified as erotic. It was very descriptive and generally narrative which I did scrap because I have this belief that saying too much in writing an erotic piece somehow disrupts the sensuality. So, I wrote another poem trying to be as innocent as possible... feedback on this one is really important to me. :-)


  • Mark replied to hiraeth
    1 month ago

    Hello Sir. Was wondering if above poem is worthy of nomination. Appreciate your time

  • Everlasting
    1 month ago

    Could you take a look at my latest? It's titled, "Oh Air ... [Acrostic]" ?

    Thank you.

  • sHaTtErEdMiStAkE
    1 month ago

    I took a break from writing and recently picked up a pen again and I would like your opinion on my new piece.
    It's titled The Red
    Thank you in advance.

  • Briana
    1 month ago

    just wandering what people think. first poem ever wrote