• Milly Hayward
    11 months ago

    I am a huge romantic and really would have liked to have posted a valentines poem competition. However I am aware that there are only nine days left so I wondered if there were some equally romantic people up for a valentine challenge. Posting here just for the fun of it. To write a short poem rhymed or free verse that captures the theme of Valentine. It can be as cheesy as you like - its a celebration of love :)

    Valentines day is drawing near
    I see your beauty has no peer
    Hair so red quite like a berry
    lips to match like ripened cherry

    Tall and slim with gentle hands
    a mind that always understands
    I hear your voice it sounds so sweet
    with a song that brings my hearts defeat

    Just one word and I am yours
    love flows out, to you it pours
    take me close to your warm embrace
    where I can see that familiar face

    Say you'll be my valentine true
    and I'll bring daisy's full of dew
    My heart is yours my darling wife
    for the rest of my immortal life

  • naaz
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Milly, interesting.
    I know it won't be as good as your poem or the poems other members will write, but I can give it a try.
    Can we write in any format?

  • Milly Hayward replied to naaz
    11 months ago

    Any format is good and don't be daft this isn't a judging exercise its an opportunity to express romance and love in a poetic form to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's day just for the fun of it :)

  • Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    Lovely! Will be checking back soon.

  • Michael
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    hello Miss Milly,

    A lovely thread to start with Valentines Day round the corner. So here is my piece:

    Love is..

    her heart the
    shape of rose

    she softly blows;
    from her velvet lips
    a petal, carrying
    a message
    of love..

    ..’you are the thorn in my side’

    sealed with
    a loving kiss.

  • Brenda
    11 months ago

    Ooh these are lovely! Milly, what a sweet idea. I'm in!

  • Em
    11 months ago

    Celebrating you

    You may be old enough to be my dad
    maybe I've always needed a 'father figure'

    and you are definitely what I needed all along

    perfect eyes looking out for me always
    perfect ears listening to all I have to say
    perfect lips able to kiss my tears away
    perfect hands that fit perfectly in mine

    you're the one my mother warned me about
    but also the one in all the fairytales -

    they always have happy endings
    and we all deserve those, don't we?

    Hopefully it's OK lol

  • Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    I found love eight years ago. ..

    But my children have loved me since birth.

    To be with them
    Instills in me a strength
    To move mountains
    while my love is beside me.

    To know love, is to watch a child
    Slowly die, to hear her say I love you,
    Knowing my love will be with me
    When she goes....

    To have a husband, children
    to see pain and suffering, along
    With a precious heart that will stop beating soon,
    Reminds me daily of what true love is all about....

  • Milly Hayward
    11 months ago

    These are all so wonderful. Love is such a strong and beautiful emotion. It's lovely to celebrate it in so many different ways. Milly x

  • Mark
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    His heart and her heart

    His heart and her heart
    they pulse ruby rain
    streaming on a love chart
    to lover bliss lane.
    For he - heard love bells
    a-valentines ago,
    and she cast in her spells
    an aura quite aglow.

    So taken was he
    by her radiant smiles
    carving in a nut tree
    I love thee in piles.
    This led, both to wed
    on that balmy day,
    sacred vows, were said
    together, we'll stay.

    Since then, those two doves
    in unison hath sewn,
    a pair of sun gloves
    to catch rays for their own.
    Behold - a baby boy!
    In euphoria they moan
    for laughing infant joy
    wrought a very sweet tone.

    Now joyous in celebration
    of union under God
    blessed in commemoration
    a poem to applaud.
    Let Valentines be again
    full of adorations so strong
    written with a heart-pen,
    love inked - is a song.

  • Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    He's louder than any song I've ever known,
    waking me at 9:30 every morning,
    more persistent than any alarm clock,
    carrying a tennis ball in his mouth
    and throwing it around the whole house.

    I lose sleep over him but that's what loving him has
    It makes it all worth it to see the way he nudges me,
    the way he leans into me, the way we depend on
    each other for adventures no one else would dare.

    We've run across bridges, tumbled in meadows,
    journeyed through caves, rolled in the sand,
    dashed through the snow, always ending the day
    thoroughly exhausted and sweaty
    but oh so full of life.

    He helped me find meaning when I was convinced
    I was utterly worthless.
    He frustrates yet makes my bones laugh with
    a wonder and hope for the future.

    My dog is my Valentine,
    and I wouldn't ask for anyone else.
    When I tuck him into bed each night,
    the world is at peace for that moment.
    And my soul, is finally able to rest.

  • Milly Hayward replied to Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    Love the idea of a doggy Valentine:)

  • Larry Chamberlin
    11 months ago

    Cheeks of the devil’s own angel
    smile like chubby rosy buns
    with dimples that crack me up
    light the room like a million suns.

    Grubby, dirty jeans, soiled socks
    sticky arms held up to be lifted
    magic works on this old heart
    this grand child’s heavenly gifted.

  • Milly Hayward replied to Michael
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Wow these poems are all so wonderfully diverse and beautiful in their own very different ways. Its been a real pleasure reading so many valentine themed poems. Thank you everyone for participating in the challenge All my best wishes Milly x

  • Brenda
    11 months ago


    I've rushed headlong
    into life at times,
    the choices I've made...
    I've hesitated
    pacing the sidelines,
    afraid of failure
    and rejection...
    I've been beaten down,
    tossed aside,
    my love
    not worthwhile...
    Then I met you-
    your acceptance of me
    just as I am,
    giving yourself
    set me free...
    It's allowed me
    to lay bare
    my heart.
    To give you my all,
    to be so
    yet totally unafraid
    of being hurt
    ever again...
    I love you so
    very much!
    You are my

  • mossgirl19
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    To my Valentine

    When your soft lips brush against mine, it's like the setting sun kisses the ashen blue horizon giving birth to a dandelion skyline.

    It's a moment that always takes my breath away.

    I never found my individuality
    until I tumbled into your loving arms and wrestled in your weight against mine.

    The magic and mystery of two people becoming one...

    It never fails to take my breath away.

    And I know in another thousand times...

    You will always take my breath away.

  • Michael
    11 months ago

    Hi All :)

    What a lovely bunch of old (less of the old Michael) romantic's we are.
    All the poems here are wonderful :)

    Well done Miss Milly for putting on this spread
    Much love
    Michael x

  • CJ Maleney
    11 months ago

    This is such a sweet idea. I simply had to try and do something for it

    Ssoooo here is my effort


    I'm going to build a world around you,
    Already! one has begun.
    I shall make you both my moon and stars
    And I will be your sun.

    If you are moon and I am sun,
    Our children are said stars.
    Such twinkling things for us to love,
    That I see shine from afar.

    Though sometimes I am distant,
    When the nights are filled with fright.
    Rest assured when morning comes
    You will always see my light.

    I won't be an all consuming inferno,
    And I will not burn anything away.
    Just a gentle warmth I give to thee
    To guide you through each day.

    Yes I will be that sun,
    But I desire and need my moon.
    Pledge to me eternity
    And see how my core doth swoon.

  • Milly Hayward replied to CJ Maleney
    11 months ago

    Craig that's a really beautiful addition to the thread. A huge thanks to you and everyone who took the time to post and share their thoughts on love. It's been a real treat reading them all. Love and best wishes Milly x