How Will I Ever Get To Heaven Now?

by Prophecies In Kodak   Mar 30, 2008

Now it doesnt make sense why we bothered
because we both know we didnt really try.
and i've been working for the same things
but i know that isnt any cause to ask twice.
frankly, i dont want to know if you have been
sleeping alone during these kind of nights,
i'd like to think that the past could resurface
though i know my name goes out along with the lights.
it's not fair to tell me it's the wrong way
but maybe i'm just trying to convince i know you.
either way, we arent working for the same thing,
you'd much rather throw intiative across the room.
but it's wasted and fake and fully abonormal
and i dont want to think about what that could do.
it's a sweet sound to come home to if you think about it,
even if we both know the difference between good & true.
the exact opposites of all we ever were or could be
and i'm a little more okay with swallowing that.
but sorry if my acid reflux decides to catch up with me,
because swallowing then would be considered half bad.
i promise not to confuse you more than i have to,
i guess it's just hard coming home to an empty bed.
and even if we both know i was five up and counting
you somehow managed to convince me that was all i had.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by she

    Great style

  • 13 years ago

    by Espoirfailed

    (i love this poem so much that i often read it when i'm stressed)
    i just noticed, however, that you wrote "abOnormal" i'm guessing you meant "abnormal?" Unless abonormal is a word, which it could be for all i know.
    anyway, just thought i'd let you know

  • 13 years ago

    by Hollywood

    I really really really really enjoyed this it was really really have so much passion and so much devotion to writing..i think you will go far if you keep it up!((5))

  • 13 years ago

    by Mo

    I really enjoyed that read - it was saturated with emotion and was REAL feelings rather than a drummed up expression or cliches... I liked your ocassional rhyming but without a syllable count or structure making it seem too formal and tight.

    Good piece. Look forward to reading your others. Welcome to the club.

    1st rule - Dont talk about The Club.
    2nd rule - Dont talk about The Club.
    3rd rule - read all of Mo's poems and tell her she's the best... hehee - kidding! :)

  • 13 years ago

    by Espoirfailed

    I've only recently read your work, but i can honestly say it amazes me.
    every line is perfection and the pragmatics are so clever and subtle.
    you have a rare ability to completely manipulate words and integrate them into real seeming situations in your poems.
    you are an inspirational writer.

    (god, i sound like a groupie.)