Your Love

by Lemon Square Bear23   Dec 23, 2008

I put the bottle to my lips
trying to drink away the pain
I'll drink til its gone,with small sips
your love has got my crazy,almost insane

I take the blade to my skin
blood dripping to the floor
cutting far into my heart within
for your love is killing me ever more

I tie the rope around my neck
here I hang in your front tree
I was just an emotional wreak
for your love is something not seen

I put the gun against my throat
on second thought to my head
I left for you a little note
your love is what made me dead!


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  • 10 years ago

    by ToRn iiN2 PeIcEs

    Wow this is really sad
    i reallly like it tho
    5/5 i can really see how you feel

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