by chelo   Sep 17, 2009

I saw your pretty eyes across the dance floor.
Without thinking twice, I rushed to ask you to dance,
The smile you gave, so adore.
As we danced slowly looking at each other in the eyes,
I knew for sure I was in trouble.
You captivated me and lost me in your eyes.
Then you were leaving,
Without hesitation, I went outside waiting.
As you passed by me, my heart started aching,
I lost my ability to speak,
I had become weak.
Only a simple bye slipped through my lips.
You said bye and slipped through my grips.
Oh how stupid I felt.
Here I am now, searching for you.
Something about you stunned me that night.
Now I cannot stop thinking about those beautiful eyes.
Therefore, years, months, days, may pass
Nevertheless, we will see each other again.

To: Andrea



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  • 8 years ago

    by marina14

    Aww theres always that one girl cute (: