My prince

by rosey   Sep 29, 2011

A wonderful land surrounds me,
I wish oh so much you were here,
though I'm happy I always feel lonely,
for my sweet handsome prince is not here.

I dream of him during the daytime,
I only see him at night,
his eyes are as blue as midnight sky,
he is always kind and polite.

I would love to see him always,
but sadly he is locked far away,
he tells me he is always lonely,
all day he longs to see me.

Oh come to me prince and adore me,
pull me close and look deep in my eyes,
let your lips enclose mine as you hold me,
please don't let me go or I'll cry.

let your strong arms hold me,
when I'm feeling bad.
Let your loving gaze comfort me,
when I'm feeling sad.

Oh come my prince don't leave me,
I know you have to go,
but if you leave me I'll surely die,
or cry forever more.

For if you leave I'll never lead, the life i led before.


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