The one, with The Hole in Her Heart

by rosey   Dec 21, 2011

We all are so naive, that we are blind.
WE are too blind to see the pain and anguish.
Pain and anguish, that fills our souls completely.

We all care so much, about what other people think of us, we don't see the beauty within ourselves.
We don't know what to look for when we see our reflection in the mirror.
We don't even know who we are.

I don't know who I am.

When I look at myself I see someone who was once joyful and happy. I see someone who once didn't have a care in the world because she didn't need someone to tell her she was special.

And then, I see what that girl turned into. I see a run down, depressed, pain filled, little girl. I see someone who was once full of life, that is now completely and utterly destroyed.

And then I have the nerve to tell myself, nothing's wrong.
Everything is fine. Nothing bad can ever happen to me. I can do no wrong.

And then, when something horrible happens to me,
I have the nerve to question,
Why I'm the one,
with the hole in her heart.


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