Summer Skin

by Prophecies In Kodak   Jan 9, 2016

Falling through the equations, our heart strings playing hide n' seek. i have no beauty between movements - whilst she is a curving masterpiece. and i am just a disconnected shape, unattached from the matters at hand. tripping through measures of zero, finding pieces inside of my hands. "let me see you undress, and let me undress myself." i felt her in my legs, like i had walked a mile through hell.

one shot of gin for courage, one evening in my prime. the swirls of the gambles, the lack of knowing time. the seconds ticked away, time passed heavenly and clear. the murmors of the background, my mind ringing in my ears. because her hands against my back, they felt like lightening and desire. and i found myself so hungry, jumping right into the fire. skin as soft as silk, a mirror of my lust. the pride of winters wasted, in opportunities we've lost. and my mouth still tastes of pine, my throat still burns like rust. a bathroom wall, a decision: pumping sin into your guts.

"you're the dream i cant stop dreaming, you're the water and the flame. that lights my staggered progress, and cools my tired name. how was i to tell you, all the things i never have? how was i to ask you, of every affliction you have had? because i'd love to know your colors, your mothers maiden name. your face when you are crying, or gasping out my name. and when you're tired you could use me, like a pillow on your bed. to keep your tired eyes from morning, to feel safe inside your head. though there's nothing i can give you, except the words i've come to grit. between my teeth like they're a death wish, like the cracking of my wrists."

so i'll wear my sins like secrets, forming a sweater from your words. and wear it when i am alone, let it embrace my every curve. underneath it all, we are the same - each a fraction of adam himself. now i see you for what you are, i feel you with all i have felt. so inside a blanket of forgetting, the summer heat melted her skin. i held it inside of my hands, only to learn i would never forget it again.


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