Tiny Vessel

by Prophecies In Kodak   Jan 9, 2016

Spread my width across the dunes, accost my fragrance in the wind. pedal my convenience, across the levy of my chin. the body you accustomed, your might breaking 'gainst the breeze. corners of our "means well," your light lying at my knees. morning, break my tiny vessel: give me shelter from the real. where you hopped atop my bookshelf, your sorry eyes to steal. pictures molting in the lava, where our feet have seldom touched. lock the refusal to accept, that i love you far too much.

because this shitty rhyme or reason, repetition we must dwell. blackened by a widow, whose bite i have soon fell. "you looked like sleepy eyes, body toned into a tomb. where i will die by my endeavors, and my ashes will be bloomed." refusal to accept that, you will die amongst my hands. and grow to love another, like a weed amongst the sand. minor in the major, a shotgun shell against the face. to be the first of yet another, growing sour as you taste.

i paint you in my bedroom, i sear you in my skin. i love you at my weakest, no doubt your battered fin. coo to you like promise, lie to you in spite. trick you like an alley cat, spare you in god's might. pray that you will bury, the ideals that i am free. cast my shadow in your bedroom, may you pretend it's always me. as i was not quite destined, to be a diamond in the rough. so i will melt into your bed sheets, learn to breathe you in through dust.


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