Title Track.

by Prophecies In Kodak   Jan 29, 2016

Inadvertent in her measures, like a tongue tied silhouette. tables left for turning, increasing wavered frames of depress. clocks that tick away the hours, till she lets me come inside. a latchkey child dishonest, secrets brewing inside their prime. and with wisps of hair on her flawless neck, i flash back to that yellow shirt. my eyes reach out for an answer, as your words become my worst curse. unreachable yet attainable, begging for the crevice called my lips. more beauty than any emerald, came from the heart and went like this...

she walks with crooked malar, i decay at the swing of her hips. eyes locked without a purpose, lightly we chatter through strands of dip. she leans to me knowingly, like a song you wish had no end. and we sit with these battered intentions, becoming that of such day late friends. her eyes like pools of water, dancing on whimsy and second hand rain - locked on the spot below my neck, where her teeth have seldom lain. nervous ticks with the time frame, moving steady with the clocks. hands full of forget me nots, anchors tying us down to these docks. so closely i wanted to know her, stealing half hearted previous looks. so closely, i wanted to have her, in the places where lovers meets books.

stories unfolding like liars, strewn their bad news across this floor. it's lava it seems for our worn feet - so many times we have been here before. my skin, it aches for her skin, as my heart aches for her needs. inside her room she paints me, until the sun turns down and then bleeds. her beauty magnified by ten fold, i want to know the places she's kept. my desire like martyrs intentions, in blankets our secrets are kept. so willingly, i would lay down this gavel, i would instill in all of her trust. for i could never find such glory, in a body that could salt down and rust. human nature paired at it's finest, when her eyes are still searching for mine. laying soft in a bed of forgetting, where your skin is so fluid with mine.

five verses for all of her pleasure, five versus for every what that i've felt. pain drips from your eyes as amber, like snow it does solemnly melt. her eyes are the anchor that holds me, to this dock that we have con-strewn. and my mind takes a trip where it shouldnt, to the corners of that dark room. kitchen sinks to a leather car seat, minds reeling with the universe. she could have slept in my arms for days, in no way would i have hurt. with such a face so peaceful, i kiss down upon her worn eyes. thank god for what i am given, for the moments we both forget time.

inadvertent in her measures, my heart syncs with her every breath. dna creating a solstice, a place where she lays on my chest. and her cries in the night chill me - my mind is screaming out for more. as my lips move from her collarbones, my best intentions drop down to the floor. a beautiful girl who is cursing me, never straying to far from my head. my mind will lay in that backseat, reliving the came that has went. art inside of her body, as her vision dances over my face. and the taste of what i have once had, my entire being will viciously crave.


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