by Prophecies In Kodak   Jan 29, 2016

One bottle of wine in the evening, drowning out the listless sounds. not a soul would dare to whisper, not a soul was to be found. she sipped from her own glass, as red leaked from the crack in mine. words were not sufficient, for we were running out of time. my mouth would soon then vomit the words i'd never spoke. i felt you on my breastbone, as syllables creeped in from my throat. it was a hallway and a decision, it was the passion in the air. slipping through our reason, releasing all our wordly cares.

she arched her back like a mountain, my mouth stained with red of wine. frantically i approached her, as the seconds slipped from time. could have stayed in bed for days, eyeing the glory of her frame. biting skin free of secrets, as she stuttered out my name. tripping on the taste of her, like a hammer through my teeth. finding a way with words, as she spelled them out to me. and i was never much of a reader, i never cared much for books. but she could read to me for hours, as long as i could look.

rummage down her back, my hands playing hide n' seek - to find hidden contours, like a hammer through my teeth. light coming from the bedside, my hands left to then explore. her skin is like a secret, my eyes just beg and beg for more. clinging to this moment, my heart tilts toward these windmills. lust has no sense of reason, so i'll be fed until i'm filled. her breath becomes a symphony, an orchestra held within my dreams. skin to skin i realized, her lust had crumbled at the seams. so long i have wondered, the way you look when wearing words. but they are spelled out clearly, as you lift up your t-shirt.

and if jesus drank red wine, is it a crime if we do, too? it's running through her blood stream, as all things bad should do. trembling at my fingertips, i can taste it on her lips. pushing against hers achingly, giving away a strawberry kiss. latitude and longitude, making a map of all of her spots. and with a sip of the devil's drink, i then connected all the dots. held her in my arms then, as her body shaked and shook. in the corner of that dark room, it was all of her i took. she was more than just a trophy, it meant more to me that night. so now i'll keep on thirsting, for the lips that made me feel alive.


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  • 4 years ago

    by ether

    "so long i have wondered, the way you look when wearing words"
    that was really something.

    i missed your words.

  • 4 years ago

    by Mayday

    I thought that this was very well-written, it flowed so nicely and was tinged with the perfect amount of romanticism that made it sweet and sensual all at once. Lovely work (:


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