Nice Guys Finish Last

by Tony   May 14, 2017

How many walks under crystal skies
Have we taken together? In your eyes
I found myself inspired to write,
The pen, my sword, and I? Your knight.

On the side of a mountain covered in snow,
Under the stars is when I came to know:
My lot in life was to empathize
And be the one who dries your eyes.

We sat together in the freezing cold
And you told me what he did. Untold
Anger filled my soul, and I wanted to end
The boy who had so harmed my friend.

All this time I burried feelings deep inside
To be the one in whom you confide
Your secrets and all your fears,
Who loved you in secret all these years.

When I finally told you of my love you left
Me alone. Silence is now my friend, bereft
Of laughter, love, or light. I want to fight it.
Somehow saw this coming, must be psychic.

Everything I say somehow comes to pass,
You're a strong girl with a heart of glass.
Its easy to predict the future, when the past
Repeats itself: nice guys finish last.

The saddest insight I couldn't help you see;
The man you're looking for could've been


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by mossgirl19

    This has been a very heartbreaking time for me, reading all your beautifully done, truly heart-wrenching pieces. Okay, just let them out so your broken heart can breathe. I really do hope you realize your own worth, Tony, cause you deserve to be happy.

  • 2 years ago

    by Alec

    This one is just heartbreaking. I actually had trouble reading it. I dont think she knew what she was doing. You were wrong. She had to know how you felt. No one is that dense.

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