The Scent Of You

by C Cattaway   Jan 15, 2018

Isn't it funny, how scents never change,
Even if you wear different aftershave.
The way that you linger, long after you're gone.
I smell it on everything you left it on.

Where you sat. Where you stroked my little pup.
It's still on his face, after he had jumped up.
I'll smell you while I lay in my bed, tonight.
He sleeps on your pillow, and I'll feel alright

Knowing that you and I still remain friends
Even though what we had came to an end.
Knowing that you are still in my life means
I can sleep soundly, with unbroken dreams.

Maybe, one day, we can be as we were.
Trying this, knowing you still make me stir
Is not going to be easy, but it's meant
To be this, for now. I'll make do with your scent.

Copyright C Cattaway 2018


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by C Cattaway

    I wasn't sure about the last line. I've written
    "To be this, for now. I'll make do with your scent."
    But I wonder if it would have been better as
    "To be this. For now, I'll make do with your scent."
    But I live in hope that there may be more in the future, which is why I punctuated it as I did.
    Thoughts are welcome ;-)

    Catherine x

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I'm a huge romantic and optimist and I'm hoping that it's all just down to timing and that when the time is right love will come flowing back. As you say it's funny how some scents linger

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