Final Summit

by Lost One   Apr 12, 2018

Sitting on this mountain top
Shivering at a chilly night
Green eyes reflect the sky above
Millions of stars blur my sight

Maybe it's the tears that blur
Falling freely from my eyes
A stream of sparkling crystal drops
Loaned to me from pristine skies

The sunset was spectacular
A flaming golden rose painted hue
But now I sit alone in darkness
Waiting for a call from you

I've crested mountains, seen the world
Gazed longingly at skies above
I've jumped from planes, swam in the ocean
But only once... ever been in love

It stole my heart, it stole my soul
I was just an open door
Try as I might I could not close
Of the two of us... I wanted more

I had your ear, you my shoulder
But now I have nothing to teach
Fitting it should end this way
Eyes fixed on stars so out of reach

My eyelids are heavy, time to sleep
One last breath as I depart
Empty bottle falls from my hand
Cause of Death: a broken heart...


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Oh wow Tony ... absolutely brilliant all the way through but that last line ... amazing! You created exactly the impact you were striving for. Adding to my faves :-)
    *typo in stanza 2 on 'pristine'

    • 1 year ago

      by Lost One

      Thanks lol, that's what I get for staying up all night.