by Prophecies In Kodak   May 9, 2018

we awoke with the light pouring on us, flickers of dust in the beams. your blouse pushed ever so slighty, and your skin haunts my scattering dreams. i opened the window to show you, that the birds were all singing for you. and your laughter sounds like sweet summer, as it rings through the walls of that room. i tried to trap it forever, i hoped i would die with that noise. so i could live a life knowing better, pass with a life filled with joy.

brought you your coffee in bed, hands shaking like a veiny stampede. hoping there wasnt much sugar: praying i could drink you like cream. because your brown eyes look like my best day, your lips taste of apples and pears. and that cup to your lips has me aching, begging your hands to my hair. drinking you in like a lush, your warmth that slides down my throat. and you say my name like it’s heaven, higher and higher each note.

we slipped through the measures of zero, finding strength in your tiny hands. move you like whispers through water, pray for your sweet song again. you play my strings with no mercy, hands sliding down each of my bones. and i fight my sleep like it’s cancer: because your laughter brings me back home.


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