Burning Water

by Prophecies In Kodak   May 9, 2018

last night i saw your shadow, laying next to me in bed. imagined you were gathered, and you’d never leave again. dreamt about your laugh, wallowed in your kiss. because i’ve never tasted heaven, until your coffee lips. drink you in like reedsburg, inhale your hopes and dreams. exhale all your worries, lay your demons down with me. without girls like you, there would be no poetry. and you’re painted on my eye lids, i see you when i sleep.

your beauty is no secret, i want the world blind. so i can measure facts and failures, till the day i call you mine. because your back against that bed, it has never left my brain. and i never loved my person till you were calling out my name. shivers down my back bone, a lump inside my throat. dreams of peanut butter, and star bursts on the coast. because your love is burning water, impossible to find. and the way you look beside me, we are testing father time. your beauty is my backbone, your love brings me to life. and the concerto will keep playing, i will utter out my strife.

because the way you bite your lower lip, it takes my mind to space. and i write this s-hitty poem while i’m imaging your face. because it was not a choice, to choose my greatest muse. and i am drowning in my blankets, remembering the taste of you. your love like lilac water, so heavenly, divine. and i am counting down the seconds till our church bells start to chime.

you are my wine and water, you are my lemons and my limes. the sweet and then the bitter, my life inside this crime. and my lips against your hips, they are heaven in my brain. a tea cup and a decision, the blood within my veins. and all this s-s-hitty rhyme or reason, we can throw them off the dunes. because if my life ever made sense, my days would be with you. and the grass stains on my jeans, i will never wash them out. because i kiss them every morning, dreaming of your coffee mouth.


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  • 8 months ago

    by ether

    still my favourite poet

  • 1 year ago

    by donk2ymouth

    you are so good

  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    The details, intimacy and overall feel of this poem is so exquisite! Absolutely divine.

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